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Fluke Repair Service at ENI

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You have found the leading Fluke repair service provider; ENI.  Fluke is a billion dollar company and its markets range from industrial and commercial facility operations to precision measurement and calibration (Fluke Calibration), data communications (Fluke Networks), to medical equipment (Fluke Biomedical). Newer contributions by Fluke to test and measurement technology in the last 10 years include thermal imaging (working with Raytek and then ISI) and remote wireless displays.
ENI offers complete Fluke repair service as well as A2LA accredited calibrations once the repair is complete. We provide these services to government, military, and industrial customers.  Following is a partial list of the Fluke items repaired and calibrated at ENI.  Call us if you do not see your asset.

Fluke Repair Part Numbers (Click here)

Fluke 105B

Fluke 123

Fluke 1520

Fluke 179

Fluke 189

Fluke 23

Fluke 233

Fluke 2635A

Fluke 2640A/41A

Fluke 2680A

Fluke 30

Fluke 322

Fluke 36

Fluke 45

Fluke 51 II

Fluke 52 II

Fluke 54 II

Fluke 5520A

Fluke 714

Fluke 716

Fluke 725

Fluke 7250A

Fluke 73 II

Fluke 73 III

Fluke 7438

Fluke 743B

Fluke 77IV

Fluke 787

Fluke 8050A

Fluke 80I-1010

Fluke 83

Fluke 85 III

Fluke 8506A

Fluke 8520A

Fluke 8600A0PT001

Fluke 867B

Fluke 87

Fluke 87 III

Fluke 87V

Fluke 88

Fluke 8840A

Fluke 8840A/AF

Fluke 8842A

Fluke 8921A

Fluke 9444 000 97923

Fluke 9444 021 99003

Fluke 9640A

Fluke BC190/803

Fluke DALE601

Fluke DSP-2000

Fluke DTX-1200

Fluke DTX-1800

Fluke TE-73



Fluke I50S

Fluke PM3394A

Fluke PM6303A/03

Fluke PM6681

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