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Test Equipment Repair Service by ENI

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How many times have you needed Test Equipment Repair Service and sent your electronic test equipment to the OEM for repair only to be frustrated? Extremely long lead times, outrageous prices, and no communication? After that your journey is still not over because you may have to send it out again to an accredited calibration lab with their own slow turn around times. Electrical North Inc. provides test equipment repair service for all makes and models of test equipment. Whether you have a Tektronix, Fluke, Agilent, HP, or some other lesser known brand, Electrical North Inc can repair it. Once the repair is completed it is sent, in the same building, to ENI Labs for calibration.  ENI Labs is an ISO 17025 certified calibration facility accredited through A2LA.

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Why would you use Electrical North Inc. for your Fluke repair service, Agilent repair service, or any other test equipment repair service? ENI is the test equipment repair service of choice for many of the nation’s leading corporations as well as the US Navy.
Below is a sampling of the makes and Models of test equipment repaired and calibrated by ENI.
Keithley 197 Repair
Keithley 197S Repair
Keithley 2000 Repair
Keithley 2001 Repair
Keithley 2002 Repair
Keithley 2010 Repair
Keithley 2410 Repair
Keithley 2612 Repair
Keithley 6485 Repair
Keithley 6514 Repair
Keithley 6517A Repair
Agilent 05990-65230 Repair
Agilent 05990-65420 Repair
Agilent 0950-3741 Repair
Agilent 33220A Repair
Agilent 34401A Repair
Agilent 34405A Repair
Agilent 34901A Repair
Agilent 34970A Repair
Agilent 34972A Repair
Agilent 3562A Repair
Agilent 4294A Repair
Agilent 4338B Repair
Agilent 6030A Repair
Agilent 6543A Repair
Agilent 66101A Repair
Agilent 66105A Repair
Agilent 83623B Repair Repair
Agilent 8662A Repair
Agilent 8719ES Repair
Agilent 8757D Repair
Agilent 8904A Repair
Agilent DSO3062A Repair
Agilent E1420B Repair
Agilent E3632A Repair Repair
Agilent E3634A
Agilent E3646A Repair
Agilent E4402B Repair
Agilent E4419B Repair
Agilent E4421B Repair
Agilent E4443A Repair
Agilent E4980A Repair
Agilent E7402A Repair
Agilent G1099-65010 Repair
Agilent G1099-49015 Repair
Agilent G1316-66520 Repair
Agilent G1316-66520 Repair
Agilent G1361-66500 Repair
Agilent G1530-60011 Repair
Agilent G1530-60201 Repair
Agilent G1946-60250 Repair
Agilent G1956-60008 Repair
Agilent G2589-61100  Repair
Hewlett Packard 0950-1972 / 10-0090 Repair
Hewlett Packard 0950-2315 Repair
Hewlett Packard 11722A Repair
Hewlett Packard 12006-60003 Repair
Hewlett Packard 3314A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3325A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3325B Repair
Hewlett Packard 34401A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3456A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3458A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3478A Repair
Hewlett Packard 34970A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3551A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3561A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3562A Repair
Hewlett Packard 35665A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3586C Repair
Hewlett Packard 389110-502 Repair
Hewlett Packard 4155A Repair
Hewlett Packard 4192 Repair
Hewlett Packard 4192A Repair
Hewlett Packard 4194A Repair
Hewlett Packard 4262A Repair
Hewlett Packard 4284A Repair
Hewlett Packard 436A Repair
Hewlett Packard 5071A Repair
Hewlett Packard 5315B Repair
Hewlett Packard 5328A Repair
Hewlett Packard 5335A Repair
Hewlett Packard 5340A Repair
Hewlett Packard 5342A Repair
Hewlett Packard 5347A Repair
Hewlett Packard 54540A Repair
Hewlett Packard 54542A Repair
Hewlett Packard 54600B Repair
Hewlett Packard 54601A Repair
Hewlett Packard 54602B Repair
Hewlett Packard 6012A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6012B Repair
Hewlett Packard 6023A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6030A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6032A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6050A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6115A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6186C Repair
Hewlett Packard 6227B Repair
Hewlett Packard 6633A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6654A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6826A Repair
Hewlett Packard 8112A Repair
Hewlett Packard 8116A Repair
Hewlett Packard 85024A Repair
Hewlett Packard 85046A-S Repair
Hewlett Packard 85422E Repair
Hewlett Packard 85460A Repair
Hewlett Packard 85662A Repair
Hewlett Packard 8568B Repair
Hewlett Packard 8590D Repair
Hewlett Packard 8643A Repair
Hewlett Packard 8656B Repair
Hewlett Packard 8657A Repair
Hewlett Packard 8711C Repair
Hewlett Packard 8720C Repair
Hewlett Packard 8722D Repair
Hewlett Packard 8753B Repair
Hewlett Packard 8753ES  Repair
Hewlett Packard 8757A Repair
Hewlett Packard 8901 Repair
Hewlett Packard 8901A Repair
Hewlett Packard 8901B Repair
Hewlett Packard 8904A Repair
Hewlett Packard B3549-00369 Repair
Hewlett Packard E1410A Repair
Hewlett Packard E1411B Repair
Hewlett Packard E3631A Repair
Hewlett Packard E4400-60001 Repair
Hewlett Packard E4400B Repair
Hewlett Packard E4430B Repair
Hewlett Packard G1530-60011 Repair
Hewlett Packard 0950-2315 Repair
Hewlett Packard 300301 Repair
Hewlett Packard 31421A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3325A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3325B Repair
Hewlett Packard 3478A Repair
Hewlett Packard 3561A Repair
Hewlett Packard 35665A Repair
Hewlett Packard 41422A Repair
Hewlett Packard 4261A Repair
Hewlett Packard 503C21712S Repair
Hewlett Packard 503C2L821S Repair
Hewlett Packard 5183 Repair
Hewlett Packard 6012B Repair
Hewlett Packard 6634A Repair
Hewlett Packard 6834B Repair
Hewlett Packard 8566B Repair
Hewlett Packard 8656B Repair
Hewlett Packard 8711C Repair
Hewlett Packard 8901A Repair
Hewlett Packard BHP-150 Repair
Hewlett Packard C4704-60006 Repair
Hewlett Packard E3631A Repair
Hewlett Packard E3632A Repair
Hewlett Packard G2313A Repair
Hewlett Packard HP8657A Repair
Hewlett Packard Q5670-60021/A Repair
Hewlett Packard Q7539-80101/B Repair
Fluke 0040 004 35003 Repair
Fluke 105B Repair
Fluke 123 Repair
Fluke 1520 Repair
Fluke 179 Repair
Fluke 189 Repair
Fluke 23 Repair
Fluke 233 Repair
Fluke 2635A Repair
Fluke 2640A/41A Repair
Fluke 2680A Repair
Fluke 30 Repair
Fluke 322 Repair
Fluke 36 Repair
Fluke 45 Repair
Fluke 51 II Repair
Fluke 54 II Repair
Fluke 5500S Repair
Fluke 5520S Repair
Fluke 714 Repair
Fluke 716 Repair
Fluke 725 Repair
Fluke 7250A Repair
Fluke 73 II Repair
Fluke 73 III Repair
Fluke 7438 Repair
Fluke 743B Repair
Fluke 77IV Repair
Fluke 787 Repair
Fluke 8050A Repair
Fluke 80I-1010 Repair
Fluke 83 Repair
Fluke 85 III Repair
Fluke 8506A Repair
Fluke 8600A0PT001 Repair
Fluke 867B Repair
Fluke 87 Repair
Fluke 87 III Repair
Fluke 87 V Repair
Fluke 88 Repair
Fluke 8840A Repair
Fluke 8840/AF Repair
Fluke 8842A Repair
Fluke 8921A Repair
Fluke 9444 000 97923 Repair Repair
Fluke 9444 000 98703E Repair
Fluke 9444 021 99003 Repair
Fluke 9640A Repair
Fluke BC190/803 Repair
Fluke DALE601 Repair
Fluke DSP-2000 Repair
Fluke DTX-1200 Repair
Fluke DTX-1800 Repair
Fluke ET-73 Repair
Fluke FLUKE 36 Repair
Fluke FLUKE 88 Repair
Fluke I50S Repair
Fluke PM3394A Repair
Fluke PM6303A/03 Repair
Fluke PM6681 Repair
Lecroy 104XI Repair
Lecroy 104XI-A Repair
Lecroy 6050A Repair
Lecroy 64XI-A Repair
Lecroy 9314AL Repair
Lecroy ADP305 Repair
Lecroy AP015 Repair Repair
Lecroy CP030
Lecroy WAVERUNNER 6K Repair
Lecroy WAVERUNNER 6KA Repair
Tektronix 2235 Repair
Tektronix 2235A Repair
Tektronix 2335 Repair
Tektronix 2445B Repair
Tektronix 2755P Repair
Tektronix 370 Repair
Tektronix 7603 Repair
Tektronix 7A18 Repair
Tektronix A6304XL Repair
Tektronix AM502 Repair
Tektronix AM503/TM502A Repair
Tektronix B012462 Repair
Tektronix DMM916 Repair
Tektronix DP07054 Repair
Tektronix DPO 3054 Repair
Tektronix DPO 4034 Repair
Tektronix FG 507 Repair
Tektronix MSO4034 Repair
Tektronix MSO5204 Repair
Tektronix P6015 Repair
Tektronix P6201 Repair
Tektronix PS 5010 Repair
Tektronix RSH 6120A Repair
Tektronix SG 5010 Repair
Tektronix SG504 Repair
Tektronix TCP 305 Repair
Tektronix TCP0030 Repair
Tektronix TCP0150 Repair
Tektronix TDE3014C Repair
Tektronix TDP0500 Repair
Tektronix TDS 3014C Repair
Tektronix TDS 3054B Repair
Tektronix TDS 350 Repair
Tektronix TDS 3EM Repair
Tektronix TDS 430A Repair
Tektronix TDS 744A Repair
Tektronix TDS1012B Repair
Tektronix TDS2002B Repair
Tektronix TDS220 Repair
Tektronix TDS3014 Repair
Tektronix TDS3014B Repair
Tektronix RDS3014C Repair
Tektronix TDS3034B Repair
Tektronix TDS460A Repair
Tektronix TDS5054B Repair
Tektronix TDS5104B Repair
Tektronix TDS520A Repair
Tektronix THS730A Repair
Tektronix TM502A Repair
Tektronix TYPE 576 Repair
Audio Precision ATS-1 Repair
Audio Precision SWR-2755 Repair
Wavetek 178 Repair
Wavetek 23XT Repair
Wavetek 27XT Repair
Wavetek 9000 Repair
Wavetek MS1000 Repair
Wavetek MS1200 Repair
Wavetek SDA-4040D Repair
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