Electronic Calibration Equipment

Our Commitment

As a leader in service in our industry, ENI Labs can perform a range of calibration services for your company including temperature, humidity, electronic, and frequency calibration services. We offer these services either on-site at your facility or we will pick up your equipment for testing in our accredited laboratory.
ENI Labs offers online access to all customer certifications and data. At ENI Labs we strive to offer you not only the best service but the fastest turnaround times possible with prices that cannot be matched.
With dedicated and experienced technicians and state-of-the-art calibration equipment, you can rely on ENI Labs to provide your company with the best possible level of service and attention.
Quality Policy
ENI LABS is committed to our customers and employees to provide the highest quality workmanship and service in a timely manner. We have further committed our people, methods, and processes for continuous improvement and compliance to national standards. Customer service is our PRIORITY!
Our Capabilities
Repair Procedures
Once the unit is received it is identified and logged into our system. The Repair is then visually inspected for physical,/electronic damage or obvious missing parts. Items that ENI has current Repair Pricing for are quoted by Customer Service. Items that are Rush/Expedite are evaluated by a Repair Technician as well as items that are obviously damaged or missing parts. At this point repair has not been initiated. Technicians go beyond a visual inspection by testing components that they suspect could be causing the issue described by the customer. Technicians estimate the Repair Cost based on the components involved and guesstimated man-hours required to successfully repair the item. Some of the components are researched for current availability and pricing. Customer Service gets the estimated Repair Pricing from the tech and sends the estimate to the customer.
Once the customer approves the Repair Estimate, Customer Service sends the item to the Repair Shop to begin the Repair Process. Technicians will replace electrolytic capacitors if out of tolerance. Technician will resolder all connectors, transformers and heavy components, test all input/output componentry (power supplies and logic). Technician will check resistors, fuses, batteries, diodes, and capacitors. Technician replaces all defective and suspect components. Technicians then clean and re-apply coatings to printed circuit boards and test dynamically (if possible) or statically.

Closing Out

Once the repair is completed, the job and paperwork is closed out and shipped.