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Safety Light Curtains are opto-electronic presence sensing safety devices that detect the presence of an object in the light curtain’s sensing field. Most commonly used in machine guarding applications to detect the presence of a person’s finger, hand, limb or whole body. Also known as AOPDs (Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices), light curtains offer optimal safety. They are ideally suited for applications where personnel need frequent and easy access to a point of operation hazard.
ENI repairs light curtains of all brands and has for years. Whether your light curtain has a cable problem, sensor failure, blown LED’s, intermittent connectors, controller failure, broken lenses, etc, we can help you. For best results you should submit both the transmitter and receiver for repair so we can 100% dynamically test the assembly before returning it to you.
ENI Repairs all brands of light curtains, the most popular of which are:
Safety Light Curtain Sensor

The only way to 100% test your light curtain system after repair is if you send in both the transmitter and the receiver. ENI has test stands and reference equipment for many brands and models to trouble-shoot and test your parts. Call us today to discuss your system’s repair needs. We ensure quality by closely following our ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system.

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