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Your mission to find an excellent servo motor repair service is over now that you have found servo motor services by ENI. Servo motors, by definition, have complex feedback loops that constantly provide positional feedback to your controller or drive. This allows the controller to adjust speed, position, and force as needed for your machine. This positional feedback can be performed from 256 times per revolution to millions of times in more advanced systems. ENI has the ability to completely test and trouble-shoot your servo motor’s encoder as well as determine the health of the motor itself. Along with some of the fastest turn-around times in the industry, ENI can get your machine up and running FAST!
Servo Drives

Many people make the mistake of assuming that servo motors are like other, more basic induction motors. Your local “motor shop” most likely does not have the equipment, expertise, and experience to trouble-shoot and properly repair your servo motor. When you need a servo motor repair service, you call ENI.

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