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CENTRALP Repair Services
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If you are searching for CENTRALP repair services you know you are in a very exclusive group. A European leader in the field of embedded automation and PC-based systems (hardware and software), CENTRALP has, over 30 years, acquired unique experience in supplying electronic boards and industrial PCs for severe environments. As you may already have found, there are very few electronic repair companies that can reliably repair CENTRALP because the product is very specialized and difficult to repair.
ENI has years of Centralp repair service experience and complete testing racks to dynamically test Centralp process control products such as DC/DC converters, power supplies, CPU Boards, watchdog boards, display/video boards, thermocouple boards, etc. We have the capability work on Generation 6, Generation 7, and Generation 8 Centralp products. On top of this ENI possesses complete dynamic test stands to perform complete functional tests on your CENTRALP component before it is returned to you.
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