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ENI is equipped and experienced to trouble shoot and repair your encoder. Encoders are very challenging to repair. You need the right equipment and the trained technicians to complete the work. if you are reading this it is probably because you have a “bad” or suspect encoder.
ENI performs encoder repairs for just about every brand and type of encoder manufactured. For Example, ENI Repairs rotary encoders, Serial encoders, Parallel encoders, Linear encoders, Incremental encoders, Optical encoders, Magnetic encoders, and more.
ENI’s encoder repair experts state-of-the-art repair facility is equipped with Mitchell Electronics; the system standard for encoder and servo motor repair. Our Mitchell Electronics equipment is compatible with many electric motor, encoder, resolver and other feedback manufacturers, including Allen Bradley, B+R, Baumuller, Berger Lahr, Bosch, Danaher, Elau, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Indramat, Kawasaki, Kollmorgen, Mitsubishi, Omron, Nachi, Parker, Renco, Sanyo Denki, Sick Stegmann, Siemens, Sumtak, Tamagawa, Toshiba, Yaskawa and many more. Contact us today to find out if we have support for your equipment!
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See here for a full list of encoder repair part numbers.
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