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When your electronics are in need of repair and you search for industrial electronic repair services or circuit board repair service, you run the strong possibility of running into some companies you would do well to steer clear of. Why? The internet is full of companies that do not repair electronics themselves. They simply bring your electronics in-house then source it out to another company that actually does the work. This adds layer upon layer of cost to pay the middle men and makes it impossible to actually speak with the technician working on your board repair. Many of these companies also put your industrial electronic repairs in line with jobs for ovens, air conditioners, and garage door openers. You want to go where electronic repair services are actually being performed, so you have your industrial electronic repair services performed by ENI!
Electrical North Inc. technicians possess decades of electronic experience and education from the US Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. Our technicians also receive ongoing training throughout their careers in electronic manufacturer’s repair schools, not to mention real-world experience in trouble-shooting and repairing circuit boards. To back up the talent and knowledge of our technicians we provide them with the finest in cutting-edge electronic diagnostic equipment. Our shop is populated with Diagnosys Pinpoint Systems, Huntron tracker systems, and BGA rework systems to ensure you get the finest electronic board repair you can get.
Obviously, it’s crucial that your choice for Industrial Electronic Repair service be able to access repairs when you need them. Only the finest PCB repair services suppliers can provide:
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