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ABB repair services by ENI

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ABB Drive Repair Part Numbers (Click here)

ENI specializes in repairing industrial electronic components from ABB and all major manufacturers. Our specialists will evaluate your damaged ABB industrial electronic items free of charge.  We provide full ABB drive services and repairs for ABB PLC’s, Amplifiers, AC/DC Motors, Stepper Motors, Logic Boards, Displays, Power Supplies, Servo’s or any other ABB component in our state of the art facility. All of our work is backed by our industry leading warranty yet repairing your industrial electronic components costs a fraction of buying a new replacement part.
We provide ABB repair services for over 3,000 ABB Parts. If you don’t see your part number listed, simply click on the part # not found link and start a chat with the next available technician.
Product Categories Include:
Component Drives
ACS55 0.25 to 0.5 Hp (120V) – 0.25 to 3 Hp (240V)
ACS150 0.5 to 3 Hp (240V) – 0.5 to 5 Hp (480V)
Low cost, easy-to-configure drives for basic variable speed applications.
Machinery Drives
0.5 to 15 Hp (240V) – 0.5 to 30 Hp (480V)
Compact drives suited for an extensive range of OEM and machine control solutions including high speed communications.
General Purpose Drives
0.75 to 100 Hp (240V) – 1 to 550 Hp (480V) – 1.5 to 150 Hp (600V)
Versatile and full-featured variable speed drives for general industrial needs.
High Performance AC Drives
High Performance drives for the most challenging applications.
HVAC Drives
Variable speed drives designed for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning applications.
ACS 1000
315 kW – 5 MW
400 – 6700 hp
ACS 6000
3 – 27 MW
4000 – 36 000 hp
2 – 72 MW
2700 – 96 000 hp (higher on request)
ACS 5000
2 – 22 MW
2700 – 30 000 hp
Legacy Drives
SAMI MEGASTAR, ACS 6000c, Cyclo.
DC Drives
Industrial Drives
Greatest flexibility and performance with DCS800 family.
10…500kW (13-670Hp) with DCS400 family.
Control Systems
Programmable Logic Controllers ( PLC ), small to large Distributed Control Systems ( DCS ), and TÜV certified Safety Instrumented Systems ( SIS ), to Collaborative Process Automation Systems ( CPAS ) for an extended automation scope, as well as a wide range of control products that can be used individually or in combination. We offer you a complete set of Industrial IT automation solutions to meet your entire plant automation needs.
Extended Automation System 800xA
Scalable extended automation system for process and production control, safety, and production monitoring
Freelance 800F
Compact distributed control system ( DCS ) for small to medium size applications
Compact 800
A wide range of process PLC products for open automation solutions
Safety Systems
Complete TUV certified Safety System that complies with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards.
Power Quality Products
Power quality for industries and utilities
SYNCHROTACT® Synchronizing Products
Synchronizing Equipment
Excitation Systems & Combined Solutions
Static Excitation Systems and Voltage Regulators
ABB Press Releases – Click Here for the latest ABB Press Releases
ABB Part Numbers – We support over 3,000 ABB Parts. If you don’t see your part number listed, simply click on the part # not found link and start a chat with the next available technician.
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