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ENI provides Thermo – Flow Automation board repair services to the Natural Gas Industry. We are proud to say our Flow Automation repair customers range across the United States.  ENI performs diagnostic tests for Flow Automation products on full operation test stands and are referenced to new units. Boards are refurbished to the same electrical characteristics as a new board. Defective components are replaced using a low temp reflow system. This system ensures no thermal stress or damage to circuit board or nearby components. All replacement components are exact manufacturer part numbers.  We do not substitute or use generic components in order to maintain the board’s safety rating.
All Flow Automation repair pricing is flat rate and aggressively positioned.  All work performed is warranted for a period of one year.  If, for any reason, a board we receive is deemed “not repairable” you will not be charged. Our standard turn-around time is 10-14 working days from approval to perform the work.  However, since it is critical to your success, we also offer rush service of 1-2 days for a nominal fee.
Thermo – Flow Automation Board Repair Price List
*Partial List.  Please call for any part numbers not referenced.
Assembly # Part Description Price
0443-002 Rev. B Motherboard $475.00
Rev. C Motherboard $475.00
Rev. D Motherboard $475.00
0443-064 Motherboard Power Supply – Old $200.00
443-065 Motherboard Power Supply – New $200.00
0443-038 Serial I/O LEM $300.00
0443-029 Status Output LEM $325.00
0443-077 (HSO) Hi Speed Output LEM $250.00
0443-071 (STI) Smart Transducer Interface REM $300.00
0443-080 (HSO) Hi Speed Output REM $300.00
0443-044 Status Output REM $300.00
0443-005 Analog Output REM $325.00
0443-008 Discrete Input REM $325.00
0443-783 Accumulator Input REM $300.00
0443-011 Main Terminal Board $200.00
0443-017 Analog Output Terminal Board $200.00
0443-023 Serial I/O Terminal Board $200.00
0443-799 Accumulator Input Terminal Board $200.00
0443-032 Analog Input Terminal Board $200.00
0443-074 (STI) Smart Transducer Interface Terminal Board $200.00
0443-708     RTU Power Switch $200.00
0443-191   Power Control Board $200.00
0446-190 System Power Control Board – Tokheim $200.00
Reprogram Customer Supplied EPROM’s $100 / 6 Program NEW EPROM’s $25 ea
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