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REP Rubber Repair Services

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REP Rubber Repair Services by ENI with free evaluations, dynamically tested repairs, and a one year warranty!

ENI is your source for REP rubber repair services.  REP is a premier manufacturer of injection molding machines to the rubber industry. REP has a wide offering of horizontal, vertical and c-frame machines from which to choose. As a European manufactured product, many have found parts and service to be slow and expensive, especially in the older systems.
Electrical North Inc. has extensive experience with REP machines and the electronics they utilize for their equipment. See pics below for some examples of boards we have worked on.  Right now, your press is down and do not have time for guesses or a scatter gun approach to your boards.  Call (260) 471-6775 now to speak with the experts.
 Rep 975 HEAT SINK BOARD  Rep 114941 BOARD
 Rep 114860 POWER BOARD  Rep 114674 RELAY BOARD
 Rep 111929 LED BOARD  Rep 111821 REGULATOR BOARD


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